Shipstosea deals with issues related to global warming, areas affecting and being affected by the environment. Some of the standout boat designers, power and sail.  Reviews of innovative propulsion and new products coming on the market. Chandleries, discount marine stores and other resources to help find the items you need at a fair price.

This site focuses on  all things boating — stories of interest from the yachting and racing world, the impact belhaven { my town of residence} has had on the intracoastal  (ICW) and how it woves a thread from Maine to Brownsville Texas.

I have been involved with boating most of my life, both in my native New Zealand and the US. I’ve sailed boats, owned boats, sold boats , commissioned new power and sailboats ,been involved with repair and maitenance.  Was involved with the classic line of
dufour sailboats from 32′ to 45′  and Albin from the popular 28 downeast style to the 36′ fast trawler. Was involved with twin -Vee with all their problems and a fly by night custom boat Deadrise style commercial fishing boats.

The sea is a part of mine and my family’s life. The photo above is the Manakau Heads, east of Auckland where my great great GrandfatherCaptain thomas Wing was the harbourmaster, a reputable pilot and responsiblefor many of the soundings and cartography for many of New Zealand’s harbours and coastlines.

In the introduction to “Wing of the Manukau” written by T.B. Byrne, Peter Blake comments
“His world was the sea – an environment which shaped his life and his family’s, as indeed it did for a number of his descendants….”


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