Active Captain -Free App from Garmin

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Active Captain is a free app from Garmin that allows you to manage your marine experience from anywhere. With this app, you can :

  1. Access charts: Get detailed information about waterways, navigation, and points of interest.

  2. Plan routes: Plot your course and explore potential destinations.

  3. Share data: Connect with other boaters and share valuable insights.

  4. Stay updated: Download daily updates and premium content.

The ActiveCaptain app creates a powerful connection between your compatible mobile device and Garmin chart plotters, charts, maps, and the boating community. It’s compatible with a range of Garmin chartplotters and MFDs, including models like them-garmin echomap Plus 6cv7cv7sv9svSTRIKER Plus 7cv7sv9sv, and various GPSMAP series1 2 3 4.

Whether you’re navigating the open waters or planning your next adventure, ActiveCaptain provides a seamless and connected boating experience. 🌊⚓

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